ISABC wins Irish Enterprise Award 2022

ISABC wins Irish Enterprise Award 2022

We are happy to announce that EU Business News has informed ISABC that in ‎their Irish Enterprise Awards 2022 ISABC  has been awarded:

Best International Irish Business Development Organisation 2022‎

On its selection process, EU Business News states in its letter to ISABC that ‘ ‎Nominees were judged on their merits with assessment centred around an ‎extensive evaluation of skills and services on offer. Final judgement was cast ‎following a review of expertise within a given field/specialism, dedication to ‎customer service and an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation’.
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ISABC greatly appreciates this independent recognition of its work for Irish ‎companies in the Saudi market. Our thanks to members, partners and friends for ‎their ongoing support for the work of ISABC over the past ten years.

Joseph Lynch