We are happy to announce our upcoming ISABC Webinar, in conjunction with Leman Solicitors, set for next Tuesday 15th of December 2020 at 10.00am,  (Dublin) and 1.00 pm (KSA), for one hour. The subject is ‘Brexit-why Ireland’ and speakers include Mr Joe Hepworth of the IDA, whom we are delighted to have.  The main aim of the webinar is to link with Saudi companies who would have an interest in the Brexit situation. If you know of any such Saudi groups/companies, please send them the invitation or let us know who they are, and we shall invite them.

As the world moves to work with the United Kingdom outside the European Union and vice versa a more complex phase will emerge, which will impact differently on different industries. This high – level talk will provide insights on the impact of Brexit on businesses that trade with and from the UK. Our panelists will discuss areas that international businesses (for example Saudi companies with establishments in the UK servicing the EU market) will need to think about post Brexit from the perspective of, for example, import/export, data protection and Intellectual property protections.
It will also look at Why Ireland is the perfect choice for international companies serving the wider EU market, post Brexit. The webinar will discuss the area of immigration in the context of establishing a business in Ireland.
Supported by Leman Solicitors, our panel of experts will show examples of how Ireland is the right place at the right time for companies both now and post Brexit, giving examples of some of the large global companies already successfully established in Ireland in areas such as pharmaceuticals, Medtech, technology and financial services.
Panelists: 1. ISABC Chairman, Joseph Lynch
2. Mairead Finlay, Head of International Real Estate at Leman Solicitors
3. Mark Roberts, Corporate Partner at Leman Solicitors
4. Bláthnaid Evans, Employment Partner at Leman Solicitors
5. Joe Hepworth, IDA Representative for the Middle East Region